Do You Need a Build-Out? Here's How to Find Out

Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 11:20AM

Do You Need a Build-Out? Here's How to Find Out

A build-out begins like a blank slate, turning an empty commercial space into one that’s perfectly suited to you and your organization’s needs.

You may be wondering, is this the right solution for my company? Today, we’ll help you find out—just read on to see how you may be able to benefit from a build-out in the months ahead!

A build-out might be right for you if…

You’ve selected the perfect space

Just like those buying a home, growing organizations are constantly in search of that “perfect location”—and when they find it, they naturally want to make it their own! In many popular areas, including booming markets throughout Daytona Beach and East Central Florida, that perfect location will often come in the form of a commercial building that leases out empty or bare-bones spaces. They have all the square footage you need, and are in the perfect location, but likely need additional features (from lighting to plumbing to additional walls and more) to make the space just right. That is where commercial contractors can help. When we build-out your new space, we work with you to ensure that it’s custom suited to your unique needs and preferences. This process lets you turn your blank slate into a fully functional space that you, your employees and your clients enjoy spending time in.

Your organization is growing

As your organization grows, and you search for that next location, you’ll find that moving is about more than switching your office furniture from one building to another. It’s about creating an effective use of space, too, and building out to ensure that your new goals are met in a comfortable, functional environment.

A growing organization may also want a more personalized, well-appointed approach in their new location. When you were just starting out, you might have simply sought out an office space with four walls and a roof to put your desk under—now, however, you have more clients, more employees, and more interest in achieving a space that serves you best. Your commercial contractor team at Bomar Construction, Inc. can help you do exactly that, letting you maximize your new space with ease.

Your organization’s needs and values are evolving

In addition to sheer size, there are many other ways a company or organization can change. For example, you begin offering a new product or service that calls for a more specialized setup—and the “standard” office no longer works for you.

Or perhaps you are interested in running your business more sustainably—according to Energy Star, the build-out process is a great time to consider eco-friendly lighting, programmable thermostats, energy-efficient windows, equipment and more. Whatever your new needs or values may be, building out can help you and your team achieve them.

We hope that today’s guide has helped you better understand the build-out process, and how it may be able to solve your unique business needs. If you’re curious about build-outs or any other aspect of commercial construction, we can help! Call Bomar Construction, Inc. today to see how working with our commercial contractors can help improve your organization in the months ahead.

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