Under the Construction Manager or Design-Build model, Bomar will provide Pre-Construction Services to our clients to assist them in determining whether the project that they have imagined will fit within their budgetary constraints.  

Pre-Construction services begin with consultation among the project team to establish the basic footprint of the building and construction type.  Bomar will work with the design team to establish preliminary specifications for budgetary pricing and then develop a project budget based on these preliminary plans and specs.  

When we budget a project, we do not simply assign square foot costing to the various categories of work.  We send out the preliminary plans and specs to a select group of subcontractors for their price estimates and input.  This budget pricing is conducted in the same manner as we would a final bid, so as to increase the accuracy of the initial budgetary number. The accuracy of this initial budget is essential to the ultimate success of the project.

Once this preliminary budget is assembled, we provide a detailed cost analysis to the project team.  If the budget is within the expected range for the project, generally the design team would proceed with final design. If the budget exceeds the expected range, we identify the areas of cost concern and make value engineering suggestions to the project team.  Our goal in value engineering is to identify items that could potentially realize either cost or time savings, provided they meet all other requirements. 

After value engineering, the project team would collaborate to rework the preliminary design in such a way as to maintain the essential elements of design while reducing the project cost.  If necessary, a second preliminary budget would be prepared and the process would repeat itself until such time as the project team agrees that both cost and design concerns have been adequately addressed, prior to the design team proceeding with final drawings.

Once the final drawings and pricing have been established, the remaining Pre-Construction work boils down to coordination.  Bomar strives to be the “point” person in coordination between the owner, architect, specialty vendors, subcontractors/suppliers, and our own on-site operations. 

At this point, all that remains is bringing the client’s imagination into reality!