Construction Manager as Builder / Design Build

The majority of Bomar Construction’s projects have been negotiated contracts resulting from referrals.  As a result, we often utilize the Construction Manager as Builder / Design-Build format of contracting.  One of the main advantages of the team concept in the Construction Manager as Builder arrangement and one of Bomar’s greatest strengths is our ability to give the Owner the project that it wants, at a final price that each member of the team feels is fair for the work provided. 

As Construction Manager we recognize that the most important goals are to: 


  1. Produce a program that fits the Owner’s needs within the prescribed

                        budget; and


  1. Once the design is finalized, deliver the final project within the determined budget.

While those items sound obvious, oftentimes minor issues distract the members of the project team from those goals. Our job as Construction Manager is to maintain that focus, keeping your Total Cost to a minimum, while producing a project that we can all be proud of.  Our track record working in this type of environment speaks volumes in that regard. 

Although Bomar does not provide “true” Design-Build services by retaining design professionals on staff (architects and engineers), we often team with local architects and engineers, with whom we have established decades-long relationships, in order to provide team-based Design-Build services to our clients.