How to Find Inspiration for Your Commercial Construction Project

Thu, Sep 05, 2019 at 3:26PM

How to Find Inspiration for Your Commercial Construction Project

Every great commercial construction project begins as an idea, the inspiration for a space that will serve your business for years to come. But where does that inspiration come from?

As your go-to commercial contractor in Ormond Beach and the surrounding area, Bomar Construction, Inc. has seen countless projects through to completion—working with design professionals to bring inspired ideas to life.

In the process, we’ve learned a few of the best places where inspiration can strike, and are sharing them with you today! Just take a look below to learn more.

Fellow businesses in your industry

As is the case with all areas of your business (from pricing to best practices), it helps to be aware of what others in your industry are doing. By doing so, you can better understand the expectations of clients or customers in your industry, and observe which design features meet those expectations.

(For example, in Florida, a great retail space will often have covered outdoor walkways for shoppers to use comfortably all year long, and restaurants will often showcase outdoor seating areas, too. By knowing that this is an expectation of your local and out-of-town customers, you can plan a space that satisfies their preferences in a meaningful way!)

As you prepare to embark upon the commercial construction process, observe fellow businesses in your industry and consider what their spaces do well, and what they can improve upon, which can inform your own choices along the way.


Magazines can shine a light on emerging trends worth knowing if you want your business to stand out! These magazines may feature the local area, or showcase commercial spaces from across the globe. Either way, take some to leaf through a publication or two. You never know when you might stumble upon a photo spread that changes the way you look at your own business potential!


Inspiration can come from the strangest, most unexpected places—including nature itself! Even in places largely untouched by buildings and other design examples (think your favorite park or the local beach), you can observe colors, textures and environments that may later influence your design choices down the line. Plus, by spending time out in nature, you can also pick up ways you want to showcase the natural environment in your commercial space.

Online resources

From social media to designated design websites, the online world is filled with inspiration just waiting to be discovered. Learn about eye-catching commercial spaces that you may not otherwise have a chance to see in person, or get to know the foundation of what makes a building or customer experience go viral.

Your builder’s past projects

You can also find inspiration from your prospective builder! For example, at Bomar Construction, Inc., we have experience in a wide variety of industries, and would be happy to show you examples of the work we’ve done in each. This will give you a better understanding of your builder’s repertoire, and can inspire your own project if you need help with making those first steps toward a new space.

We hope that these tips help you find inspiration for your commercial construction project in Central Florida! From retail spaces to restaurants, medical facilities, office buildings and beyond, Bomar Construction, Inc. has nearly 40 years of experience in doing it all. Just call us today to learn more.

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