From Imagination to Realization: Get to Know the Pre-Construction Process

Thu, Aug 01, 2019 at 3:08PM

From Imagination to Realization: Get to Know the Pre-Construction Process

Long before hammers and nails are involved, every great construction project begins with a solid foundation. We call it the pre-construction process—and at Bomar Construction, Inc., we work to ensure that it starts smoothly so that the rest of your project can follow suit!

If you’re considering a commercial construction project, you may be wondering what the pre-construction phase really entails. We can help. Just read on as we explore each step in detail, and share tips for helping the project move along according to your timetable.


Even before you get in touch with our team to begin your project, you probably feel inspired by something—a similar space in your field of interest, or an architectural feature you stumble upon online or on the course of your travels. If you aren’t inspired by something just yet, take a look around! Coming to the pre-construction process with a vision in mind helps us carry it out to completion. Here are a few ways to gain inspiration:

  • In your community. What are the trends you’re noticing in your area? The buildings that embrace your neighborhood’s style and character, while simultaneously elevating it to a new level? If it catches your eye, it might be a helpful place to start your inspiration journey. (This always works the other way around—by taking note of the features you se but don’t love, you can convey those to your team so that the end result is something you feel great about.)
  • In addition to familiar places like industry magazines, there is a breadth of architectural inspiration to be found online! Spend some time searching for styles and spaces that spark your interest, and bookmark them so that they can be referenced throughout the pre-construction process ahead.
  • In unexpected places. Sometimes, inspiration strikes where you least expect it! Be open to finding it in the form of colors, textures, and even non-commercial properties like homes you really admire. There are lots of ways to translate these styles into a functional space that works for you. So keep your phone out and snap a photo of anything that makes you stop and say, “hmm…”


At Bomar Construction, Inc., our relationships with design professionals allow us to work closely together, arriving at a preliminary understanding of your project’s budget and specs. This consultation brings everyone together on the same page, enabling the project team to carry out the rest of the process confidently—which means more peace of mind for you, too!

Cost analysis

We know that cost is an essential consideration with any construction process. After consulting with our colleagues for price estimates on each area of the project, we put together a detailed cost analysis for the project team. If it’s satisfactory within the budget, the project continues; if not, we move onto the step of value engineering to ensure as cost-effective a construction project as possible.

Value engineering

Like its name might suggest, the phase of value engineering is all about evaluating the projected cost and working to create potential room for savings without sacrificing the design elements and requirements you’ve laid out. We want your commercial space (whether that’s a restaurant, retail space, office building or whatever else you may need) to check all the boxes while still being affordable for you. It’s one of the big perks of working with a small company with big-company experience! We are able to go that extra mile and offer you a competitive edge on your construction needs.


Once the project costs are established, we embark on a crucial part of the pre-construction process (and, in fact, the project as a whole). We’re talking about coordination! As a firm with nearly four decades of experience in the area, we are backed by long-standing relationships and procedures that ensure good communication among all areas of your project, including the architect, specialty vendors, subcontractors/suppliers, and, of course, our own on-site operations. The result? Everyone is on the same page from day one, and is equipped to communicate freely whenever questions may arise. We encourage you, too, to ask any questions you may have! We’ll be more than happy to keep you up-to-date as your project gets underway.

We hope that today’s guide helps you better understand the pre-construction process, and the way a qualified construction team can help it run smoothly! To learn more, call Bomar Construction, Inc. today. With nearly 40 years of experience under our belt, we are ready and happy to help with projects big, small, and everything in between.

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