How Bomar Construction, Inc. Supports Growth in Central Florida

Thu, Aug 01, 2019 at 3:07PM

How Bomar Construction, Inc. Supports Growth in Central Florida

If you’re a longtime resident of Volusia County and the surrounding area, it’s easy to see that exciting changes are afoot every day in our slice of paradise! From restaurants to retail spaces, residential communities and more, there’s always something new to see. What role does your community construction team play in the development at hand?

At Bomar Construction, Inc., we’re proud to be a part of the booming growth—after all, this is a community we’ve known and served for nearly four decades! Just read on to learn more about the role we play in the region’s exciting growth trend.   

Where we’ve been building

East Central Florida has attracted several international names to call our community “home” recently, from beloved hotel brands to restaurants and more. One especially big name is Margaritaville, whose renowned Latitude brand recently expanded to Daytona Beach. At Bomar Construction, Inc., we had the privilege of constructing much of the active 55+ community’s amenity space at the Latitude Margaritaville Town Center, including the Latitude Bar & Chill Restaurant, Fins Up Fitness Center, resort-style pool and pool deck, and pickleball and tennis courts. Latitude Margaritaville was named’s 2018 55+ Community of the Year to boot.

Get to know a growing landscape

The wealth of amenity space we were able to build at Latitude Margaritaville points to a larger local trend: the desirability of active communities for retirees who continue to flock to cities like Daytona Beach, which was actually ranked the country’s 13th best place to retire by U.S. News & World Report, and the 99th best place to live overall. The city currently holds a 9.1 net migration score by the ranking website, reflecting the large number of people who continue to move here. As a pivotal part of the community’s construction efforts, we work hard to ensure that the city (and the surrounding area) continues to be a top place to move, attracting people of all ages with choice amenities and, of course, beautiful buildings that meet every kind of need.

What do local organizations want out of their commercial construction projects?

There are a wide variety of ways to meet the growing needs of a growing area—and we can help with all of them! Potential projects may include…

  • Multi-family communities, including those with a specific thematic focus (such as Latitude Margaritaville’s draw for the active, amenity-loving 55+ community)
  • Cultural spaces where people can come together for entertainment, recreation and relaxation
  • Retail space where locals and visitors alike can spend a day shopping, dining and enjoying a stroll under Florida’s sunny skies

Of course, these project areas are just the beginning. There’s no limit to the many ways quality construction can help a booming community thrive.

Today, tomorrow and many years down the line, Bomar Construction, Inc. will be here to help you with whatever your commercial construction needs may be! Call us today to learn more. We look forward to serving as your go-to commercial contractor team!

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