Construction Challenges in Florida (and How We Can Solve Them)

Thu, May 30, 2019 at 9:15AM

Construction Challenges in Florida (and How We Can Solve Them)

Here at Bomar Construction, Inc., we’ve been building in Florida for nearly 40 years—and this experience has given us a personal understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that face the Sunshine State construction field.

Read on as we explore a few of these key challenge areas—as well as ways that Bomar Construction, Inc. can help solve them for projects both big and small.

Seasonal weather

While Florida may be nicknamed “The Sunshine State,” it’s no secret that the state faces its share of wild weather, especially during the summer months, when afternoon thunderstorms are a common occurrence. This, combined with the possibility of hurricanes, too, presents a unique challenge for local contractors—how can we get the job done regardless of unpredictable weather?

As it turns out, for the team here at Bomar Construction, Inc., tricky summer weather is somewhat predictable! We have decades of experience on our side—so in addition to honing our construction craft, we have also used that time to get to know Florida’s weather patterns and the best possible ways to plan around them. While of course no one can plan around the weather with 100 percent accuracy, we use our experience to deliver you realistic estimates on your project timeline, and to determine the best approach, too (for example, if your project involves both indoor and outdoor components, we can schedule those tasks according to the day and weather outlook to ensure a smooth process).

While hurricanes are more impactful, of course, than a typical summer thunderstorm, our commitment to customer service remains the same. Our expertise in construction management allows us to identify potential obstacles before they arise, and to safely plan around them when they do. We work diligently before a storm and after, too, to ensure that projects are placed back on track and that the community (which we proudly call “home!”) can return to routine quickly and smoothly.

Construction jobs

Another area of interest is the construction jobs themselves. In Florida alone, from April 2018 to April 2019, the construction industry added 22,600 jobs (a jump of 4.2 percent, one of the highest increases of any industry). While the industry is thriving in this regard, the high number of available jobs has also presented the challenge of filling vacant positions.

The solution? Creating an environment where construction professionals are excited to work! This is the type of atmosphere we have long strived to create at Bomar Construction, Inc., a family business that extends our inclusive, hands-on approach to our entire team of professionals, and, of course, the clients we work with. As a “small company with big company experience,” we are able to forego large overhead expenses in favor of hiring the best possible talent and offering our clients competitive prices.

At Bomar Construction, Inc., we see construction challenges as opportunities to excel—and to provide incomparable customer service at every step of the way. Call our team today to learn more about how we can assist with your next project!

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