What Role Do Pre-Construction Services Play In Your Palm Coast Building Project?

Tue, May 31, 2022 at 1:37AM

What Role Do Pre-Construction Services Play In Your Palm Coast Building Project?

When beginning a commercial construction project with building contractors, there are several steps involved in ensuring everything goes smoothly. A skilled team of commercial builders knows the importance of initial planning and the efficient execution of those plans. That’s why at Bomar Construction, we put a lot of time and emphasis on the pre-construction services that we offer to our clients.

What are pre-construction services?

The most important role pre-construction services offer in a building project is determining that a client’s expectations match their budget. These services begin with the project team establishing a basic footprint of the building and the type of construction that will be required. Based on discussions with a design team, a project budget is developed based on preliminary plans. A lot of steps are taken to ensure that cost and design concerns are clearly addressed and communicated with all parties involved. Once final drawings and pricing have been set and agreed upon, the coordination begins.

Planning the logistics

The next step is to set up a timeline for the project that will consider aspects such as bid releases, permits, inspections, and other necessary requirements needed to complete the construction process. Although unexpected delays are always a possibility, an experienced team of building contractors knows how to go about this process efficiently, so that no time and money is wasted.

Setting up the supply chain

To keep your project cost-effective and on track, your Palm Coast contractors will begin coordination with the client, architect, vendors, subcontractors, and suppliers. At such a stage, communication and competence is key — and at Bomar Construction, our team knows how to manage time, resources and all parties involved in the most effective way possible. Call us now to learn how our services can help you get started on your commercial construction project!

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