How Is Construction for Healthcare Facilities Different from Other Building Projects?

Tue, Jul 12, 2022 at 9:45AM

How Is Construction for Healthcare Facilities Different from Other Building Projects?

Every building project presents a unique set of dynamics and challenges for a commercial contractor. Budget, structure, design, requirements, and regulations all play an important role in how the construction will take place and how long it will take to reach completion.

The process for constructing a building for medical facilities, for example, cannot be the same as creating a structure for a retail space or a commercial kitchen.

Variations In Healthcare Facilities

Although an urgent-care clinic, assisted living facility and dental office all come under healthcare facilities category, each has their own requirements and functions that need to be kept in mind. At Bomar Constructions, our building contractors have experience with several various medical centers, and we understand how each differs from the other. During the pre-construction stage, we sit down with all parties involved to determine how this space is expected to function, who does it serve and what kind of a design it requires. Before beginning each project, we make sure our clients are satisfied with our projections and vision of how the construction will take place.

Building Standards

All our Palm Coast commercial construction projects make sure to abide by the regulatory and technical requirements set in place for medical buildings. Since these facilities have their own specific needs, it’s important to have the knowledge of what those are and comply to them to avoid any delays and obstacles during the construction stage.

Patient Safety

As your trusted Palm Coast contractors, we understand the importance of patient and staff safety in such facilities and ensure that our design and construction meet the expected high standard. From keeping the spaces open and accessible to avoiding obstacles that can cause delays in urgent situations, our team takes in all the factors when designing and building such a unique space.

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