5 Benefits of Construction in the Fall

Thu, Oct 01, 2020 at 9:51AM

5 Benefits of Construction in the Fall

Summer is often the busiest season for construction but starting your project in the fall is not the end of the world because it comes with numerous benefits! Even as temperatures get cooler, you have an ideal opportunity to make headway on your project. Continue reading to learn the many benefits of starting your construction after summer has come to an end.

Cheaper Building Materials

As the thermometer plunges, there is less demand for construction materials. Because of this, the price for these materials can be as much as 50% cheaper, which means a cheaper overall project. Furthermore, acquiring these materials will typically be faster. The less time spent waiting for the necessary components, the more time that can be spent finishing the project. Cooler temperatures bring cheaper materials and faster build times.

Cheaper Labor

General contractors and commercial builders are in high demand during the summer, and the cost of their services typically goes up with the temperature due to competing offers. Many contractors will have fewer clients in the fall, whom they can dedicate more time and attention to. That being said, even if you have acquired the services of a general contractor at a lower price tag, the days in fall are shorter with fewer hours of daylight, so project timelines will not be as condensed as they are in summer.

Higher Productivity

With the scorching heat of summer in the rearview mirror, fall’s cooler temperatures mean more efficient productivity throughout the day. Working in high temperatures under the sun can lead to many problems with construction workers, including exhaustion, dehydration, and heat stroke that impede their ability to get work done. Due to the cooler temperatures of autumn, your contractors are much more likely to accomplish even more despite the shorter days.

Preferred Weather Conditions

All seasons pose risk of weather-related obstacles, but fall is by far the most manageable. The rain showers of spring and summer give way to occasional fall snows, which are much easier to work through. Long rainstorms can halt construction for a day or more, which has an inevitable effect on your project’s timeline. Snow is much easier to keep outside if any interior work is being done. Additionally, the dry weather of fall dries out the soil, making it the perfect time to dig, fill, and excavate.

More Accurate Timelines

Due to everything mentioned above, contractors are able to stick to their deadline and budget much better in the fall. Even with fewer hours of daylight, projects are generally more reliable because materials can be acquired faster, labor is cheaper, and weather is better suited to it. Building in the fall means hitting that sweet spot between summer and winter when all conditions are ideal.

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